.:. the day without internet .:.

I’ve been introduced FULLY to the internet since year 2000, my entrance year in the office. Prior to this, internet connections or even e-mail sending through POP-3 was only part of my day-dreaming activities.

And now the day has come. No internet connections at the office. To make it even merrier, my cell phone could not be used.
Amazingly, I found it very useful! I could focus deeper on tasks I need to accomplish by the end of the day. I have finished most of the tasks (from office’s manager and from home’s manager, my dearest husband), and merely wait for the outcome. I even managed to write this post offline.

Side effects from these events, my desk-phone rings more often.

In summary, I think I need exercise to obtain more focus on what I need to do. The dissapearing of internet connection’s today is only a proove that I could do better time management with emphasizes on the focus.

He he .. the conclusion is a bit far from the topic, isn’t it?

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.:. The Brille Story .:.

I am usually a cautious person.

There are times, however, where I feel the urgency to reduce, or even eliminate the cautions. The occasions and events are rare, and it would normally be a rush events, or in the contrary is when I have been watching a very slow progress in achieving certain milestone.

Recent event which “needs” the elimination of my cautious behaviour is the closing books of health and benefit package for the year 2006.

I have been needing to have a spare eye-glasses. I am currently using monthly disposable soft-lenses, which requires cleansing at every end of the day, which I rarely do *grin* after I gave birth, simply because it’s been so irresistible to fall asleep right after nursing my son to sleep. Another “excuse” is due to my need to wake between sleep, either to nurse my awaken 16 mos son, to urinate or any other legitimate reason, which is hard to do without good eye sighting. As I didn’t have time yet to shop around for “a perfect glasses” the bad practice kept going.

At the end of November 06, I started to investigating the medical benefit entitled for us, and realized that my remaining balance is still huge. While being thankfull of not having sick so much (this is why the health balance is still much, rite) my mind travels to all possible posts where we (me and husband) could spend the rest of the balance. Came up with vaccinations and eye-glasses.

While vaccinations didn’t take much effort to shop around, eye-glasses come differently. Have you seen someone who looks totally different after he/she changed his/her glasses to a suitable one? That shows the “importance” of choosing the most suitable glasses. Few things has impact on the choice:
– available time
– shape of your head and face
– your personality (turned out to be my hardest bearer, as I am a perfectsionist)
– budget

time is the second highest barrier after my picky mind. i’ve been struggling with time management, i’ll write on this at different post, ever since my baby was born. however the main drive of removing completely the uttering cautiousness was also simply time. the year end draw closer. i have to move fast and think fast.

so here i was, finding myself trying different set of glasses at various optics. my son was coming along, adding both restriction and freedom. Restriction to choose, and freedom from the persistence opthometrics :). Lucky all opthometrics assisted me in very well manner. No sign of unpatience ever appeared – maybe this is due to my son’s presence and their living evidence of how hard it is to try on a set of new glasses while your child’s small hands keep bringing them off :)-

i thought i have found my luck at the 3rd store. i finally found an eye glasses which looked very suitable for my face, even with the most unfashioned veil. my husband agreed with me. yippe, i’m almost there!! i continued seeking advise on the type of lenses, the opthalmologist suggested that i could obtain slimmer lense figure with certain type of lense. ok. hell with my picky mind, i ignored my urge to see more choices and decided with that lens type. proceeded with payment and .. voila, i said to myself i finally will have a pair of glasses which will suit me!

i was quite excited waiting for the day where i could pickup the new glasses. imagining myself being able to wear it whenever i like. unlike this pair of soft-lenses i wear now, need cleansing every now and then. finally the day come around … i was accompanied by my husband and my son.

i have planned to take off the soft lenses for the day thus I could maintain my original eye-accommodation and straight away try the new-glasses. i went to the optic store and saw the opthalmologist. he took my glasses out of the drawer and handed it to me.
I opened the glasses-case and stood still. I instantly recognize the differences between the glasses i tried the other day, and this new glasses in my palm hand. They have different lenses, or to say it differently, the type of lenses that the opthalmologist suggested gave a different effect and look on the glasses. It’s no longer chic and classy, it is now more oldish to me. Remind me instantly to my mother’s eye glasses. Looking at my awry look, the opthalmologist tried to ease my dissapointment, explaining how they have made extra clarity to the lenses, causing less shadowing effect to my face.

Man.. how difficult it is to choose a suitable eye-glasses!

Even after I found the right frame, the lenses effect gave a totally different look to the frame. And unfortunately the new impression is not what i’m looking for.

Nevertheless, I still carried the eye glasses home. Tried it the whole night and the rest of the long weekend, trying to be grateful of what I have :P. My husband said it looks elegant on me. As I only dress-up for him (and for my own inner comfort), then I guess the glasses is OK.

However, typically me, ** want something, will try to get it ** I still can feel the extra urge to bring the original lenses to another store to see what they say about other type of lenses!

note : Brille [german] = eye glasses [english] = kacamata [bahasa indonesia]

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.:. How were you raised ? .:.

Photodisc Red by Jessica Wedvick www.gettyimages.comGood morning.
It was raining out there, as usual the rythm of the rains dragged me into deep thoughts.
This time it is about raising children.

I notice that here comes the age where people start to develop their children in a rapid pace. Who haven’t heard of Glenn Domann? Even one of my colleague friend has been routinely inviting me to attend Glenn Doman seminars. Yes, she is one of resellers.I am no brainer, I am only one of those who has not really been convinced of the benefit of having children education (in reading and math) accelerated. Coincidentaly similar with my natural personality of being reluctant to something new yet (sounds) weird, I still believe that children between 1-3 years old are not ready for learning to read (and also understand the content).I often compare myself with my siblings ( as I have 4 of them, each has a minimum of 3 years age gap), their friends, my friend’s younger siblings, nowadays children and so forth. Not to say that my comparison result is a research, I just need to state that I do find differences. I noticed the interest of my younger siblings to television. They can sit whole day in front of the television, do nothing but watching its shows, and left my Mom alone finishing all the homework of routin house cleaning. I wonder where their heart go? My nephew loooooves to watch TV,too (whatever, CD, DVD, you name it). His body is so large (and I think it is) dued to lesser physical activities. I also noticed that some of my younger sibling can memorize quickly without understanding. Sometimes between my thoughts I find it may be helpfull for someone like me who NEEDs to understand things before those thing gets memorized. Poor grades in social-economy subjects indicates my poor interest on those subjects. How were you raised?
How did we become what we are today?

Let’s continue later …🙂


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.:. .. and today is .. .:.

Pfff, today is quite a busy day, thanks to a short-noticed work :). But that means a use of my time, so I am still glad :).

About yesterday, I did visit the eye doctor and found out that I’m having no change on the eye power *then why does my head keep its headache?*
Went to the body-care provider, only to find out that wednesday is the day where they have their stylist off. Pff. I changed the plan to cream-bath.  And as usual, got headache as the rewards :).

Got to go home now, my baby is waiting :)!


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.:. Morning Prayer .:.

I guess I had a correct forecast, today is as demotivating as yesterday!
Let me tell you a secret ;), in additions to the pledges I made yesterday, I have addedd the following plan:
.: to visit an eye-doctor and get a new prescribtion for eye-glasses 😉
.: to visit a body-care provider and get a little trimming for my hair 😀 *can’t wait*
.: to fill in a reimbursement form as I just got a 16m worth of company-credit card statement bill! See how much this company owes me!!

Hope today is a fun day!

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.:. Morning Hope .:.

Yeahh, I guess I had a correct forecast, today is as demotivating as yesterday.
But I tell you a secret, beside those pledges I made yesterday, I have added more plan:
.: to visit an eye-doctor and get a new glass prescription 😉
.: to visit a body care provider and get a little trim to my hair 😀 can’t wait!
.: to compile a reimbursement form, i just had a 16m worth of company’s credit card statement, see how much the company owes me !

Hope today is a fun day!

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.: The Plan! :.

The plan has been set!
If tommorrow stays as boring as today, here’s the todo list for me to kill the time without guilty feeling:
.:. Get three boxes from the Office Boys
.:. Declutter the work archive on the leftside rack
.:. Declutter my disk space!
.:. Re-sort the work archive, find things which scannable, scan them
.:. Throw the rest to the shredder machine 😀

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