.:. the day without internet .:.

28 Des

I’ve been introduced FULLY to the internet since year 2000, my entrance year in the office. Prior to this, internet connections or even e-mail sending through POP-3 was only part of my day-dreaming activities.

And now the day has come. No internet connections at the office. To make it even merrier, my cell phone could not be used.
Amazingly, I found it very useful! I could focus deeper on tasks I need to accomplish by the end of the day. I have finished most of the tasks (from office’s manager and from home’s manager, my dearest husband), and merely wait for the outcome. I even managed to write this post offline.

Side effects from these events, my desk-phone rings more often.

In summary, I think I need exercise to obtain more focus on what I need to do. The dissapearing of internet connection’s today is only a proove that I could do better time management with emphasizes on the focus.

He he .. the conclusion is a bit far from the topic, isn’t it?

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