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.:. How were you raised ? .:.

Photodisc Red by Jessica Wedvick www.gettyimages.comGood morning.
It was raining out there, as usual the rythm of the rains dragged me into deep thoughts.
This time it is about raising children.

I notice that here comes the age where people start to develop their children in a rapid pace. Who haven’t heard of Glenn Domann? Even one of my colleague friend has been routinely inviting me to attend Glenn Doman seminars. Yes, she is one of resellers.I am no brainer, I am only one of those who has not really been convinced of the benefit of having children education (in reading and math) accelerated. Coincidentaly similar with my natural personality of being reluctant to something new yet (sounds) weird, I still believe that children between 1-3 years old are not ready for learning to read (and also understand the content).I often compare myself with my siblings ( as I have 4 of them, each has a minimum of 3 years age gap), their friends, my friend’s younger siblings, nowadays children and so forth. Not to say that my comparison result is a research, I just need to state that I do find differences. I noticed the interest of my younger siblings to television. They can sit whole day in front of the television, do nothing but watching its shows, and left my Mom alone finishing all the homework of routin house cleaning. I wonder where their heart go? My nephew loooooves to watch TV,too (whatever, CD, DVD, you name it). His body is so large (and I think it is) dued to lesser physical activities. I also noticed that some of my younger sibling can memorize quickly without understanding. Sometimes between my thoughts I find it may be helpfull for someone like me who NEEDs to understand things before those thing gets memorized. Poor grades in social-economy subjects indicates my poor interest on those subjects. How were you raised?
How did we become what we are today?

Let’s continue later …🙂


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